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KHL Ingenieurbüro Löhner

About KHL Engineering

More than 40 years experience in the textile industry as:

  • Project Engineer
  • Head of Technical Projects
  • Director of Industrial Engineering
  • European Energy Manager (CCI)


International Projects, e.g.:

  • Nonwoven production in the USA
  • OE-Spinning Mill in China
  • Dyeing Plant in China
  • Weaving Mill in Romania
  • OE-Spinning Mill in Uzbekistan
  • Spinning Mill in Greece
  • Twisting and Spinning Mill in the Czech Republic


Energy Management

  • Purchase of energy (gas and electricity)
  • Energy datas
  • Energy consumption


Extensive knowledge and experience in the field of:

  • Textile Engineering
  • Textile Technolgy
  • Design and planning of complex textile plants
  • Plant relocations
  • Restructuring of existing plants

From Idea to Realization

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